1. Purpose
The purpose of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy is to reveal the anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, which are also included in the Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct of the Titiz Group.

2. Scope
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy;

»All Titiz Group employees, including the Titiz Group Board of Directors,
»Companies and their employees from whom we purchase goods and services, including suppliers, consultants, lawyers, external auditors, and persons and organizations (business partners) working on behalf of the Titiz Group.

This Policy;

»Rigorous Business Ethics Rules approved by the Rigorous Board of Directors,
»Human Resources Practices

It is an integral part.

3. Definitions
Corruption is the misuse of the authority held due to the position, directly or indirectly, for any kind of gain.
Bribery is the provision, offer or promise of benefits directly or through intermediaries in order for a person to do, do, not do, accelerate, slow down a job related to the performance of his duty; request or acceptance; It is the provision of an advantage to itself or to the party requesting it, or to another person due to this relationship, within the framework of an agreement reached with another person in order to act contrary to the requirements of their duties by means of mediating them.
Bribery and corruption can be carried out in many different ways, including:

»Cash payments,
»Political or other donations,
»Social rights,
»Gift, hospitality,
»Recruitment of relatives
»Other benefits


4. Duties and Responsibilities
The implementation and updating of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy are under the authority, duty and responsibility of the Board of Directors. In this context;

»Senior management evaluating the risks in accordance with the principles to be determined by the Board of Directors and establishing the necessary control mechanisms,
»Following up whether rigorous activities are carried out safely and in accordance with legal regulations in the fields of Financial Affairs Coordinator, Sales Marketing Coordinator and Production Coordinator,
»Determining and operating notification, inspection and sanction mechanisms in case of failure to comply with policies, rules and regulations

Is required.
In addition, all Diligent employees,

»To comply with the policies determined by the Board of Directors,
»Effectively managing the risks related to their field of activity,
»To work in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and Meticulous practices,
To report in case of any behavior, activity or practice contrary to the "Policy"

Is responsible with.

5. Firms and Business Partners from which Goods and Services are Purchased and Sold
Companies and business partners from which goods and services are purchased and sold are obliged to comply with the principles of the Policy and other relevant legal regulations, and work with individuals and organizations that do not comply with them are terminated.

5.1 Selection of Companies and Business Partners
In the selection of companies and business partners from which goods and services are purchased and sold, criteria such as experience, financial performance, technical competence, ethical levels and positive history in this field are also taken into consideration by the senior management. Companies or business partners that have negative intelligence about bribery or corruption are not worked with, even if they meet other criteria. In this context, the responsibility for conducting the necessary research and evaluations before entering into any business relationship lies primarily with the senior management. The Audit Department evaluates in its audits whether such matters are complied with.

5.2 Establishing an Agreement with the Company and Business Partners
In agreements and contracts to be made with companies and business partners that have positive intelligence and meet other criteria;

»To fully comply with the principles specified in the policy and other relevant regulations,
»Employees' assimilation of these principles and acting accordingly,
»Ensuring that employees receive policy-related training periodically,
»Reminding its employees regularly about their reporting obligations and Ethical Business Rules and encouraging them to notify in case of such situations

The conditions are included. The provisions state that the work and the contracts in force will be terminated for just cause in case of non-compliance with these or a situation contrary to the Policy.

6. Our Policies and Procedures

6.1 Bribery and Corruption
Meticulous is against all kinds of bribery and corruption. Receiving or giving bribes for whatever purpose is absolutely unacceptable.
Business relations with 3rd parties who want to do business with Titiz Group through bribery or corruption should not be continued.

6.2 Gift
A gift is a product that does not require any monetary payment and is generally given by people or customers with whom we have business relations as a thank you or business courtesy.
Any gift offered or given to third parties by Titiz must be offered in good faith and unconditionally.